2010 has been kind of a big year for me.  I really started blogging about a year ago and since then have managed to build myself a nice little corner of the internet.  While the past couple months have been a little rough, I look forward to continue sharing my love of food.  I’ve definitely grown in the food I eat both in quality of food and preparation.  I found a great produce garden that has an amazing csa and I am in the beginning stages of learning to eat sustainably (this year I am going to learn to can for the winter!)

Also in this year I have learned that I really love photography.  I went from the majority of my photos looking like this:

To having more look like this (although I still have so much more to learn and discover):I have another website devoted fully to photography but as it stands, the poor thing is in a bit of disarray.  Yet another goal for 2011!

In general, I am not a big fan of resolutions and especially now, after almost finishing my master’s in music education, I’ve learned that goals are much more important.  Goals allow me to stay focused and have something to strive for everyday.


1. Get my debt under control and save money for when I’m finished with school (I have specific numbers but will not be posting those.)  In May of 2012, I will be a free woman.  I have goals for that too but in order to achieve that, I need to start saving now!

Just a hint- my goals include moving someplace that looks like this (of course, I have to be able to find a job…)

2.  Loose the relationship weight (roughly 20 pounds.)  In the past year I never really made a fuss about my weight and honestly, I’m at a comfortable weight.  However, I gained the weight through eating fried foods and drinking alcohol (both of which I am NOT proud of…)  This goal is really about feeling healthier (but I still have that weight goal that I felt the best at.)  Lumped into this category is also running a 5k.

This was my last 5k three years ago (I ran it in 22:45)  I loved running it but I just lost motivation- time to get that back!

3.  Minimize the amount of crap I own- I have a serious problem with this one.  I am 24 and have enough crap to fill a large 2 bedroom house.  This thought alone freaks me out.  So, I am going to remedy this with a giant yard sale this summer.  I’m still keeping a bunch of stuff but at least I think it will be a bit more manageable.

4. Minimize stress, tension, depression, and anxiety.  I know that’s a handful but this mainly boils down to spending more time outside, playing with the dog, and practicing yoga.

I mean, how can you be stressed after looking at this face!

5.  Finally, get back on a regular blogging schedule.  I will be the first to admit that blogging everyday burnt me out.  I know there are many out there that do it but I think it is the perfectionist in me that wants my photos to look pretty and my recipes to be right.

(2010 was a great first year for the site- I reached over 200,000 visitors, was featured on Glamour and The Kitchn (plus various other outlets), and received so many great comments and emails from all of you!)


So, good bye 2010 and hello 2011- Here’s to a good year!

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