I’m on vacation and you know what that means- I’m bringing something back for you!

I feel recently I’ve been touting the wonders of spices and in particular spice shops.  Like most ingredients, spices can go bad or loose flavor after time and the spices you can get in specialty shops and bulk bins are so full of flavor.  I use to be so scared of spices but now I can’t go a day without rummaging through my cabinet to get inspired.

Every time my family goes on vacation, we find a couple spice stores and stock up before we head home.  While I was in the store yesterday, it dawned on me that I needed to share!  Today I’m giving away a box set of four spices and a free copy of my summer eCookbook (either pdf or iPad version):

{The giveaway has ended but be sure to check out these great recipes that include these spices!}

I picked these out specifically for my giveaway because they are some of my favorite spices (and ones I use a lot- obviously, just look at the recipes below!)

The Balti is a type of curry spice blend that works well with:


Chipotle Powder (a smoked, slightly hot pepper powder):


Smoked Paprika:


Cinnamon (amazing cinnamon!):



How to enter: 

All you need to do is comment.  Seriously- tell me what recipe you would make, how your day is going, or just say hi!  I’ve been doing giveaways on facebook but after more people enter than I expect,  it gets harder for me to keep track.  So, this is the easiest way!  Giveaway will close at 8:00pm cst on Sunday, July 29th and winner will be announced on Monday morning. (PS- this giveaway is open to anyone, in any country- just so long as it’s not illegal to mail you spices!)

Winner has been emailed!

*This giveaway is funded out of the goodness of my own heart, my love of spices, and my desire to send something to someone in the mail.


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