While I am the type of person who could eat ice cream in zero degree weather, when summer hits my craving for ice cream doubles (okay, maybe triples.)  M and I love ice cream (probably more than we should.)

So, you my be wondering (or even a bit perplexed) as to why I would pick something as simple (and slightly boring) as vanilla ice cream when I clearly love non-plain things.

You see, ice cream making and myself don’t get along.  I can bake and cook up a storm all day and have the outcome be absolutely amazing but ice cream?  I fail almost every time.  I can almost always blame it on my lack of patience but seriously, how could I fail every time?

I decided to do something I rarely do: follow a recipe verbatim.  I wouldn’t let my impatience get the best of me.

The end result?  Delicious, rich, creamy vanilla ice cream.  I didn’t fail (which tells me what I already know: I’m impatient.)  The homemade ice cream was everything I had wished for and more!

If your looking for an awesome vanilla ice cream recipe, click over to Elise’s Simply Recipes and have at it.  You won’t be disappointed!

Now that I have a base recipe under my belt let the variations begin!  (I’m thinking turtle ice cream with homemade caramel may be next!)


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