Holy cow, I can’t even express how excited I am for the csa to be back up and running!  If you’ve only recently started reading my blog you may have no idea what I’m talking about- so, here’s a recap:

Last spring I decided that I really wanted to work with more local foods and I began researching to see what my options were.  As I delved further, I uncovered about the most awesome thing ever: Community Supported Agriculture.  The main idea behind the CSA is that people buy “shares” ahead of time and the through the summer months receive produce.  While most CSA’s deliver a box full of whatever is ready that week, I stumbled upon something even better: every week I head out to the farm and pick whatever is ready to go.  Not only can I decide what I want and how much I want (within limitations), the action of picking my produce for the week completely grounds me and is such an exciting experience.

Phew.  Seriously.  If you have ever wanted to start eating local and farmer’s markets aren’t enough- look in your area for a csa.  Need help?  Check our Local Harvest (that’s how I found mine!)

On to the harvest!

Since it’s still early in the season, a lot of what I got were greens (which is great because I need more in my life!)


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