Mung beans by themselves seem awfully strange with even the name sounding a bit off-putting.  However, I’ve recently come to love mung beans in a different form: sprouts.  Dried mung beans make an excellent base for sprouts and are ready to eat in just a few days.  Sonja and Alex, from A Couple Cooks, have a great resource on getting started sprouting. 

Sprouts are great raw on salads, raw as a finishing ingredient in stir fry or even cooked in the stir fry (as long as you put them in at the last minute-they don’t always withstand heat very well!

While I love mung beans in sprout form, they are also delicious cooked up!

Here are a few recipes for Sprouts/Mung Beans from around the web:

Vegetable Peanut Saute and Brown Rice Noodles Topped with Sprouts
Noodles with Sprouted Beans and Curry Lime Dressing from A Couple Cooks
Mung Bean, Beet, and Quinoa Salad from the Healthy Foodie
Mung Bean Stew with Butternut Squash from the Healthy Green Kitchen

A few ideas outside of the recipes: add to stir-frys, spring rolls, and salads for a great bit of crunch!

Other links for information on Mung Beans:

Whole Foods: The Mighty Mung Bean