Sprouted Rye and Roasted Cauliflower Bowl (1 of 4)
Peach and Blue Cheese Rye Crepes

Before I really started eating from the bulk bins, my only association with rye was the bread my grandmother would make.  Rye flour comes from rye berries.  Rye is closely related to both barley and wheat but has a unique taste that I find to be a tad stronger than wheat.  Rye comes in berries, cracked form,  flakes (akin to oatmeal), and flour.

Rye makes a good substitute for wheat berries and rice in salads and even some heartier dishes.  I find that I mostly use the flakes and the flour but the berries have great potential uses!  With most other grains, I soak the rye berries overnight and then cook according to the directions.  If I have extra, I often freeze and save for later.  Rye Flakes cook up like oatmeal but take a bit more time.

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