Chipotle Carrot, Avocado, and Kamut Salad

Kamut (which is trademarked) is fairly new to the United States, even though it is possibly one of the oldest grains grown in Egypt.  Kamut is closely related to duram wheat but is often noted as having a slightly sweeter and buttery taste than that of the wheat berry which makes it a good fit for salads. Kamut is also larger in size than wheat and contains more protein (which is why some people prefer it to traditional wheat.)  You can also find Kamut couscous and bulgur in some areas.

Similar to the other grains, Kamut can be milled down into a hearty wheat flour. I love to add Kamut flour to breads, especially pita bread. I also really enjoy making homemade pasta (ravioli especially) with Kamut flour.

It is recommended to soak Kamut over night which will drastically decrease cooking time (which instructions can be found here.)  Like many other grains, Kamut can be cooked up and then stored in the freezer in a safe container.  Occasionally I will use Kamut in place of wheat berries in salads and stews.

NE Vegetarian Kamut Recipes: