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While quinoa has been in bulk-bins and health food stores for awhile, it’s just recently that there has really been an uprising in use of quinoa.  Quinoa isn’t actually a grain but is instead a seed that looks and acts like a grain.  It’s a protein power house that seems to be everywhere you turn.  It comes in three different shades (tan, red, and black) and cooks up in just shy of 15 minutes.

Because quinoa is so quick to cook up, I will only ever make what I need.  Quinoa is one of those grains (seeds) that seems to fit in at every meal.  Quinoa makes a great hot breakfast cereal, a perfect light lunch, or a hearty dinner.  I love this video on how to cook quinoa.   Quinoa also can be milled in to flour or the whole seeds make a great addition to a hearty loaf of bread.

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