Uncooked Brown Rice

I feel slightly bad for brown rice.  With all the nutrient packed grains hitting the supermarket shelf, brown rice has almost a negative connotation to it.  As if because there are so many other grains that have more nutrient, brown rice would be the worst choice.  Here is where I disagree.  There are some meals that a hearty scoop of brown rice is the perfect accompaniment.

While brown rice and white rice are similar is calories and usage, white rice has had all its bran and germ stripped away (and essentially any nutrients that were left.)  I compare eating white rice to eating iceberg lettuce, sure it looks okay but it’s useless.

While there are different lengths of brown rice (long, medium, and short), more often than not you will find long-grain brown rice in the bulk bins which holds it’s shape and texture better than the shorter varieties.  Cooking instructions can be found here but I also have to say that I have been known to cook brown rice more akin to pasta: boiling pot of water and cooking until the perfect consistency- which takes checking along the way.)  Just find what cooking method works best for you!

Brown rice is one of the main grains I cook in large batches.  I let cool and then place in a freezer safe container.  You can’t go wrong having a few containers of frozen rice when you’re looking for a quick meal or having company coming over last minute!

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