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Similar to quinoa, Amaranth is actually a seed that acts like a grain.  Amaranth is a nutritional powerhouse that seems to be gaining popularity.  The texture when amaranth, when cooked without other grains, results in a porridge like texture (perfect for a hearty breakfast bowl.)  However, when cooked with other grains, it adds a bit of punch and crunch.  Amaranth has a strong earthy flavor that pairs well with fruits (I love blueberries and amaranth.)

I mainly use amaranth as a breakfast porridge or as an add in to breads.  Also, amaranth can be popped (like popcorn.)  The result makes a great cereal base.  Instructions for cooking and popping can be found here. History on Amaranth can be found here.

NE Vegetarian Amaranth Recipes:


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