(This recipe has since been updated. For the newest version- click here!)

If I had my way, I would eat this for breakfast every day:

Yes, that is toast, smothered in butter, and topped heavily with cinnamon and sugar.  Unfortunately, my conscience knows better then to let me eat carbs and sugar for every breakfast (probably because I already get tired in the afternoons- I don’t need a crappy breakfast to help me.)  So I eat eggs.

But (of course there is a but), I get bored with making omelets every morning.  Sometimes I want a hot breakfast without even trying.

Enter the egg bake.  You throw whatever you have handy (I think this day it was turkey, tomatoes, and onions for M), sprinkle gingerly with your favorite cheese, and add just enough egg whites (or regular eggs- just scramble one or two with a bit of milk) to cover whatever you decided to put in your ramekin.  Bake at 350˚ until the egg have puffed up and the whole thing barely jiggles (don’t you just love my technical terms?)  Timing for this will vary depending on the size of your ramekin.  I used a 6″ oval ramekin and the eggs took a little over 30 minutes.  My go to time is always 20 minutes and then check every couple of minutes or so until the eggs are set.

The possibilities are endless.  Plus, you toss everything together, throw the darn ramekin in the oven, and go about your morning preparations.  Then, in 20-30 minutes, you have a hot breakfast you barely broke a sweat over.

Now, go forth and claim your mornings back.  You deserve it.

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