Since I received quite a few questions about my continuation plans for the garden, I thought I would share. I had been waiting for a bit to continue the garden and yesterday I needed a break from work. So I spent the afternoon away from the computer, finishing the build for the four new boxes.

Patio Garden, round II
I had thoughts of not building the boxes and just buying pots but when I priced everything out, it was a lot cheaper for me to put the work in and I think they look nice. The four new, smaller boxes used the amount of lumber as the two bigger boxes putting the grand total for all six boxes right about $120 (not bad considering they are holding quite a few plants!)

Patio Garden, round II
I’m really happy with how they all turned out and am excited how my little back patio is coming together. The new plan is to grow larger vine plants in the top boxes (I saw a photo where people were growing zucchini and cucumbers up a trellis), medium plants and lettuces/spinach in the middle boxes (depending on the season) and reserve the bottom small boxes for herbs (I have two other pots still full of basil and cilantro too).

Patio Garden, round II

I’m even going to work on starting some fall plants from seed and rotate the plants when it gets closer to fall (and possibly build one more set of boxes!) Not bad for not having a yard!

(And no worries- there are holes drilled in the bottom of all the boxes to let water out!)

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