So on top of being sick and stressed- it snowed this morning.

I really thought we were going to get some warmer weather and I wake up to find snow all over my car.  I was so surprised that I had to do a double take out of complete and utter confusion as to what the white stuff was all over my car.

This is an evil trick mother nature….

On to better things:  I love banana chips.  When I was younger, I would always buy banana chips out of the bin at the local health food store and usually devour whatever I bought.

Until I realized the ridiculous amount of sugar (and sometimes high fructose corn syrup) they had in them.  So, I gave up eating banana chips and move onto other things.  That is until I saw a recipe from A Sweet Road. I was so excited that I made them the very same day.

So, if you love banana chips as much as I do I suggest making them yourself!  So easy and delicious!

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